NAAC Commiittee

Sr No. Name of the Committee Name of Faculty Designation Department
1. Steering Committee Dr. L.V. Kamble Principal Mechanical Engineering
2. Steering Committee Dr. K.D.Devade Coordinator Mechanical Engineering
3. Departmental Commiittee Dr. K.C.More Coordinator Mechanical Engineering
Prof. P.S.Phutane Coordinator Electrical Engineering
Prof. A.P.Rakshe Coordinator Engineering Science
Prof. H. Salunkhe Coordinator Civil Engineering
Prof. S. Chopade Coordinator Computer Engineering
Prof. L. B. Borase Coordinator Information Technology
4. C-I ( Curricular Aspect ) Dr. S. Kulkarni Incharge Civil Engineering
Prof. R. Nirgude Member Computer Engineering
Prof. V. Nimbalkar Member Civil Engineering
5. C-II (Teaching and Learning Evaluation) Prof. N.P.Zinjad Incharge Electrical Engineering
Prof. V.I. Karveer Member Mechanical Engineering
Prof. S. Dhanake Member Computer Engineering
6. C-III (Research Innovation and Extension) Prof. M. Manke Incharge Computer Engineering
Prof. P.M.Chavan Member Electrical Engineering
Prof. P.Karale Member Information Technology
7. C-IV (Infrastructure and Learning Resources) Prof. U. Saharkar Incharge Civil Engineering
Prof. S.A. Gore Member Library
Prof. R. Banarjee Member Computer Engineering
8. C-V (Student Support and Progression) Prof. Y. Pawar Incharge Information Technology
Prof. Q. Mudassar Member Mechanical Engineering
Prof. D.V.Jagtap Member Engineering Science
9. C-VI (Governance / Leadership / Management) Prof. P.P.Mone Incharge Engineering Science
Prof. D. S. Deshmukh Member Computer Engineering
Prof. S.S.Sable Member Electrical Engineering
10. C-VII (Innovation and Best Practice) Prof. P.R.Sonawane Incharge Mechanical Engineering
Prof. R. Bhoje Member Mechanical Engineering
Prof. P.S.Burande Member Electrical Engineering