1. WELL PLANNED SEMISTER ACADEMIC :- All the activity are well planned & organized at initial of Semester.

  • Plan systematically how best to use the institute resources to meet those needs .
  • Plan both the Academic & Teaching skills that will be required to meet the needs of students
  • It help us all be clear what extra provision student can access

2. STRONG GFM ACTIVITY :- All Guardian Faculty Members in Institute Monitor Students Individual Performance and also forms. The communication with the Parent , which helps to improve student academics.

  • This provide good information toparents which, increase parents’ confidence that their child’s needs will be met.
  • Every individual students can be highlighted, tracked and monitored.
  • All students receive more coherent and uniform Education

3. EXAMINATION SECTION :- As new trends were implemented by University for First Year Student . Our Examination Department takes 4 Internal Unit Test and Prelim Examination at the end of Semester. Which helps us to trac the student performance in Individual Subject.

  • Diagnosing and tracking student performance
  • Improving academic performance

4. SUBJECT CO-ORDINATOR :- Subject Co-ordinators are assigned for every subject, who look ups for student performance and how to improve student result in the subject. According to that they planned their sessions.

  • Giving significant time to those parts of the curriculum which are priorities;
  • Maintaining, reinforcing, consolidating and generalising previous learning as well as introducing new knowledge, skills and understanding;
  • Identifying skills which require regular and frequent practice and teaching;

5. STUDENT CENTERED ACADEMIC PROGRAMM :- All faculties are providing Hand written Notes to the student plus Multiple Choice Question bank priore to the examination for MCQ practice .

  • Enhancing presentation ,english and communication skills
  • Forms Student learning groups
  • Timing of remedial courses and repeat exams

6. FIRST YEAR ENGINEERING STUDENT ORGANIZATION [ FESA] :- FESA is the student committee in which student planned their activity which helps to improve their skills. Faculties are provide proper guidance to the student to run successful programs .There are numerous opportunities for our students to participate in student activity .We strive to ensure that all our First Year Student have a strong education with teaming and leadership skills, involvement in student activities, and the practical background of co-op and internship experience. We believe that emphasizing these areas will make our students well qualified to take leadership roles in the future.

Prof. Shinde A. D.

Head of Engineering Science

Ph: 02114-302074