Civil Engineering

1)Department of Civil Engineering

Five years ago, with a mission of creating and forming a much needed talent for the nation was set by our beloved president Dr.VijayPatil, in the form of Dr.D.Y.Patil Institute of Engineering & Technology. Civil Branch has been and always will be considered to be as the mother of all Engineering branches. As someone has said, to complete the journey of 100 kilometer , never to give up at 99 km. Civil department of DYPIET accompanies the student to the journey 99 km, and Training & placement Cell helps the student to walk that 1 km to complete his GAOL.

2)Training & placement Cell Objectives: 3 Tier Method

A) 1stT : Talent : As all the fingers are not the same , a job of teacher is to find out which finger is going to be the leading finger and which finger is a weaker one. Talented student are to be sorted out and the weaker students are properly trained.

B) 2ndT : Teach : Importance of academics is irreplaceable. Technical sound student can do creates wonders from Brujkalifa to Yamuna Expressway.

C) 3rdT : Training : A talented person is nothing just a waste if proper training is not given to him. Training enhances the hidden qualities of a student and make them a better person from the good one what they are.

3)Training Placement Coordinator : Mentor

1) Prof .HemanshuAhire ( M.Tech Civil) : T& P coordinator Civil Department.

3) Mr.SahilSinde : T&P Student Coordinator

4)Active T & P Cell:

a) Weekly activities for student are conducted under CESA such as make up lectures, technical question answer session, personality development program, group discussion, Test Session .

b) Software Classes: Auto Cad , R cube , MSP , STAAD pro, PRIMVERA.

c) Extra Curricular : Poster Presentation, Guest Lecture.

5)Student Information: updated at 1st April 2015
Particulars Number
Total Number of Student in BE 59
Students having 60 % and above (First Class) 4
Students having 55% to 60 % (Second Class) 12
Students having below 55 % Pass Class 33
Students not eligible 10
6)Achivement of T & P
Sr. No. Date Company Name & Description No. of students Eligible Number of students Selected
01 15/01/2015 Namrata Group of Companies, Pune 49 Result awaited
7)Future Opportunities:
  • Panchesheel Group of Companies.
  • Construction Companies under CREDI.