Structured feedback report for syllabus design and Review 2017-18

Student Feedback Form

When you compare yourself with other counterparts from other College / Universities, you feel that you got most of all the facilities and Plus extra which is not available in other Colleges.

Sr. No. Question Excellent Very Good Good Average Poor
5 4 3 2 1
1 Depth of the course including practicals if any
2 Extent of coverage and time allotted for the course (theory-practicals)
3 How do you rate the syllabus of the course in relation to the competences expected out of the course?
4 How do you rate the division and sequences of units in the syllabus?
5 How do you rate the allocation of the credits to the course?
6 Syllabus is sufficient to make you analyse the engineering problems and its suitable solution
7 Relevance for implementation in projects
8 Applicability/relevance to real life situations
9 Compatibility with industry standards
10 Overall Rating